Contact us on + from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm or on moc.lacidem-uoydnagnicruos%40tcatnoc


Contact us on + from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm or on moc.lacidem-uoydnagnicruos%40tcatnoc


Make the best strategic decisions

At Sourcing and You Medical, we believe in the power of information to guide strategic decisions. That's why we offer customized market research to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of sustainable medical device sourcing or explore other topics related to our field, we're here to provide you with in-depth analysis and valuable insights.

3 steps to a customized for personalized market research

Discovery call

An in-depth call to understand your specific needs! This exchange allows us to tailor our approach to your requirements.


We send you a detailed questionnaire to gather more specific information about your requirements, and then present you with a personalized quote.

Your market study

We carry out customized market research. This final stage involves in-depth analysis, the collection of relevant data and the creation of a comprehensive report.

Our studies

At Sourcing And You, we go beyond simply supplying products by offering customized market research and strategic insights to guide your decisions. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your unique needs, define precise objectives and carry out an in-depth analysis of your sector, highlighting key trends, opportunities and points of differentiation.

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    After years of pandemic-related fluctuations, demand for medical and orthopedic products stabilized in 2023, a trend that will continue in 2024 thanks to strong cyclical and structural factors. Specialty retailers will benefit from this positive environment, despite government budgetary pressures. Faced with increased competition and government decisions having an impact, how do specialists plan to stand out from the crowd? Our study provides up-to-date forecasts, an analysis of market trends, an assessment of competitive movements, and an in-depth understanding of the strategies and financial performance of industry leaders.

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    Sourcing And You keeps a close eye on medtech activity in Belgium, offering a comprehensive diagnostic tool based on the latest figures, surveys and specialized sources. Our study provides key indicators, an overview of the competitive landscape, rankings and companies' financial performance. At a time when knowledge is crucial, having our exclusive medtech study can make all the difference.

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    This exclusive study provides sales forecasts for knitwear manufacturers in 2023, an analysis of market trends, an assessment of competitors, and an in-depth understanding of the financial performance of the 20 leaders. It also includes an exclusive survey of over 800 senior executives from all sectors, for an in-depth view of companies' strategic and financial challenges.

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Sourcing and You Medical, your specialized supplier in sustainable and ethical medical equipment sourcing. Our company offers a diverse range of eco-friendly products, from medical consumables to equipment, while providing personalized market studies to support your specific needs. With 10 years of experience, we are committed to redefining industry standards by integrating innovation, ethics, and sustainability into the core of our operations.

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  • Is there a minimum order quantity ?

    Ou gaol is to understand you needs first and foremost . Feel free to schedule an appointment to know order quantity per category. 

  • What are your delivery times ?

    Our delivery times vary depending on the product and the expected quantities.

  • Where do you produce ?

    In Asia Pacific, within our partner factories. We also conduct internal and external audits to meet the strictest standards. 

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