Contact us on + from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm or on moc.lacidem-uoydnagnicruos%40tcatnoc


Contact us on + from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm or on moc.lacidem-uoydnagnicruos%40tcatnoc




Sourcing and You Medical, your preferred partner in eco-responsible products, guides you through your medical equipment purchases from the Asia-Pacific region.
Opt for a sustainable and informed approach with our comprehensive expertise.

... in each of your needs.

Sourcingandyoumedical Our Mission Sourcing And You Medical

Guiding you in your pursuit of eco-friendly medical equipment

What We Are for You

1. Your Supplier of Eco-responsible Products

We carefully study each request to provide you with an offer that meets your specifications and timeline.Sourcing and you medical

2. Your Medical Sourcing Partner

We offer a diverse range of carefully selected medical equipment sourced from our trusted partners.Sourcing and you medical

3. Your Strategic Advisor

We conduct market studies based on the products you want to source in the Asia-Pacific region.Sourcing and you medical

● Our Eco-responsible Products 

Looking to import eco-responsible products that meet standards?

As a supplier of durable and ethical medical equipment and consumables, we offer tested and approved products in accordance with national, European, and American regulations. sourcing and you, sourcingandyou, sourcing and you medical

Our Product Sourcing

Are you looking to enhance your catalog with medical products and equipment ?

Because we understand the urgency of some of your needs, we now have a dedicated Sourcing team to enrich our portfolio of products sourced in the Asia-Pacific region. Explore our extensive range of medical consumables and equipment: from bandages to first aid kits. Our team guides you through the entire procurement process, ensuring a smooth and professional experience.



Innovative bandage solutions designed to provide effective support while prioritizing durability.sourcing and you medical, sourcingandyou,



Innovative solutions incorporating eco-friendly materials and robust design to deliver reliable performance.sourcing and you medical, sourcingandyou,



A range of high-quality protective gloves, providing a reliable barrier against infections during medical procedures.sourcing and you medical, sourcingandyou


Medical Consumable

A diverse selection of essential medical consumables, ranging from compresses to hygiene products.sourcing and you medical, sourcingandyou,

sourcing and you, sourcingandyou Our Simplified Procurement Process : Sourcing and you medical

Simplify your medical equipment procurement procedures

With our customized solution and real-time market expertise

Clear and Simplified Communication


We act as a proactive partner between our network of production facilities and your procurement/sourcing teams.Sourcingandyou, Sourcing and you medical

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Seamless Access to the APAC Market and Real-time Information


Our team of experts is based in both France and Asia, enabling us to closely monitor your orders on the ground. Additionally, we conduct daily monitoring of import and export regulations.Sourcingandyou, Sourcing and you medical

Dedicated Franco-Chinese Expert Team


We provide swift, clear expertise without cultural barriers. Our areas of expertise include: Audit, Production, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Negotiation, Purchasing, Project Development…Sourcingandyou, Sourcing and you medical

Do you want to carry out market studies ?


Sourcing And You Medical design customized market studies to meet your specific needs, providing strategic insights to guide you in your decisions. This ensures a comprehensive approach tailored to your business needs and ambitions.

Sourcing And You, with 10 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of medical equipment, as well as expertise in market research.

Committed to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we stand as the ideal choice for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Why Choose Sourcing And You Medical ?

We offer a comprehensive, tailor-made service, ensuring expertise that is continuously updated.

Producer BtoB

10 Years of International experience and success

360° Approach

Monitoring of samples, production, delivery deadlines, and various communications

Quality Control

Factory audits complying with national, European, or American standards


Sustainable Packaging

Commitment CSR

Integration of sustainable and ethical practices across all our activities

Product Sourcing

Knowledge of factories to offer you quality products


In compliance with the standards of each market

Dedicated Team

Accompanying you
within your time zone
and throughout your organizations

Discover Sourcing and You Medical, your go-to destination for medical equipment and consumables sourcing. We offer a wide range of medical products, from gloves to bandages, thermometers to protective eyewear, protective masks to medical apparel, and much more. We showcase a comprehensive range of eco-friendly medical equipment to meet the growing needs of industry professionals. With Sourcing and You Medical, find everything you need for your medical practice while contributing to a greener and more responsible future for the medical industry.

Sourcing and You Medical, your specialized supplier in sustainable and ethical medical equipment sourcing. Our company offers a diverse range of eco-friendly products, from medical consumables to equipment, while providing personalized market studies to support your specific needs. With 10 years of experience, we are committed to redefining industry standards by integrating innovation, ethics, and sustainability into the core of our operations.

Do you have any questions ?

  • Is there a minimum order quantity ?

    Ou gaol is to understand you needs first and foremost . Feel free to schedule an appointment to know order quantity per category. 

  • What are your delivery times ?

    Our delivery times vary depending on the product and the expected quantities.

  • Where do you produce ?

    In Asia Pacific, within our partner factories. We also conduct internal and external audits to meet the strictest standards. 

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